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A vision without a strategy is just an illusion


An Innovative Solution

Valeré’s people have held senior management positions in a variety of sectors. As previous Non-Executive and Executive Board members we understand Senior Management trust exhaustive and precise business intelligence services to mitigate risk and minimise uncertainty prior to any critical decision sign off.

Our strategic intelligence service is a board-level international reserve that advises and supports judgements relating to major capital projects, strategic expansion, major competitive tenders and other key commercial opportunities.


We have specialist teams, providing our worldwide client-base with essential strategic consultancy, affording a ranging skillset of legal and compliance due-diligence backgrounds. Our success in this field is considerable resulting in major UK companies expanding growth in Africa, South America and The Far East

  • We offer unique and industry specific planning, organisation and strategic direction for senior teams to manage projects for clients

  • Based on clients' requirement, we work on projects related to strategic direction, tender planning, business transition, operational performance & project delivery, budget reporting, specific reporting data, innovative real time reporting methods & a fresh approach to key infrastructure works.

  • We develop Communication plans that canvas supply chain, internal reporting and direction and client facing strategies with and meet with clients when needed

  • We Perform initial assessments and independent overviews for each client before the project begins

  • Focus on Understanding the clients' needs and wants both practically and contractually

  • Perform research using shadowing, interviews, surveys, reading reports etc.

  • Constantly recommend innovative solutions for improvement

  • Develop detailed Senior management business plans

  • Review and Confirm/Determine the project's KPIs

  • Introduce measures to Track KPIs and prepare real time reporting matrices.

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Affording New Insight to Timeworn Problems.

Clients often approach VALERÉ PARTNERS with a general idea of what they need, and complying with a diligent mechanism for tender or investment is no different. In the absence of an effective approach to risk, coupled with a “lowest bidder” approach, both client and contractor are capitalising on short-term wins. This for, of Risk taking comes at a price – it’s a hidden and unpredictable cost that may eventually cause budget and/or project overruns.
Leaving the decision making for a contractor’s appointment to be solely based on cost could, if not managed correctly, open the door to substantial issues during the delivery phases. As well as competitive costs, an understanding of the contractor’s capability to deliver the project coupled with their experience of managing risk, are vital procurement risk management factors.
Examining examples of good risk management could unlock insights and help decision makers implement best industry practices during the contract and negotiated tendering stages.
Our experience in this field has seen new wins and consolidation throughout a series of Industries and we’re proud to have been part of the process.

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 substantial synergy

Valeré Partners Compliance Risk and Diligence team develops a strategy to anticipate, uncover, and tackle regulatory and reputational risk associated with performance ethics & contractual compliance obligations. We offer solutions focused on Anti-Bribery & Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering to assist with strategies to understand your customer, any due diligence, Merger and Acquisitions, fraudulent transactions and supply chain due diligence.

Wind Turbines


Turning a New Page

  • Our network in combination with our universal industry knowledge means that we are in touch with the market and can spot opportunities and assemble teams to execute a deal as the need arises.

  • We are adept at identifying appropriate buyers and will implement a sale to generate the best price for our client.

  • We have acted in medium level privatisations and have a dedicated team of specialists to advise clients on taking advantage of privatisation opportunities.

  • Our universal industry knowledge means that we can help companies identify other businesses that offer a good strategic fit and assist them with acquisitions, mergers and alliances that allow them to maintain and build competitive advantage.

  • We have worked closely with clients in private equity helping them to make acquisitions and advising on disposals, meaning we frequently spot opportunities for medium sized private equity investment and assemble the teams they need on the ground.

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Control leads to compliance; autonomy leads to engagement

At Valeré we seek to inform and confirm the principles of the Corporate Governance Code. As this varies from industry to industry it can be particularly long and complex to understand. 

The Code comprises a series of key Principles each served by a sub-series of Provisions. The Provisions are the practical steps required to adhere to the Principles.

The Principles concern the following areas of board activity:

  • Board leadership and company purpose

  • Division of board responsibilities

  • Composition, succession and evaluation

  • Audit, risk and internal control

  • Remuneration

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