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Valere Partners - Business Intelligence and Investigation


Always Having Your Back

Historical, financial affairs, affiliations entities and individuals

Valeré are a provider of business Intelligence and Investigations services. We provide clients with the professional investigative consulting expertise necessary to make informed decisions through information-gathering and strategically critical analysis. Through our system we can provide leadership and solutions for:


  • Fraud corruption and money Laundering 

  • Reputational Risk

  • Regulatory Risk

  • Litigation and Dispute resolution 

Valere Partners - Fraud Corruption and Money Laundering


 Receiving, analysing and disseminating financial intelligence

Valeré's capabilities in identifying and investigating issues relating to fraud, corruption, money laundering and misuse help organisations identify criminals, recover assets and seek legal remedies—anywhere in the world, on land or at sea.
Our team of investigators, data analysts and forensic experts draw upon extensive experience, techniques and skills, to both assist organisations that have been the victim such practices, and to help mitigate any future risk of fraud, corruption and money laundering before they occur.

Valere Partners - Reputational Risk


Act your way into relevancy.

A crisis is a defining moment for a company. The way a company manages an adverse event—particularly in the current economic environment—can severely threaten or greatly enhance its operations, investor confidence, customer loyalty, employee morale, and community standing—in short, its reputation. Valeré Partners Strategic Risk Consulting arm helps clients protect and strengthen their reputations.


From crisis management planning to real-time crisis response and recovery, we provide reputational risk and crisis management services to support our clients before, during, and after an adverse event. We have the experience and resources to allow you to turn adversity into opportunity. Our team will help develop, manage, and maintain a tailored reputational risk and crisis management program specific to your needs and circumstances.

We believe that the ability to manage a crisis effectively is the result of in-depth understanding of risks, thorough crisis management planning, regular exercising, and a strategy for maintaining these capabilities over time.

Valere Partners - Regulatory Risk


 Compliance is critical to managing risk

Regulatory Risk refers to “supply chain compliance” and "organisational adherence" to established guidelines and requirements that relate to each risk domain along the supply chain lifecycle, as well as to an organisation’s ability to meet or exceed the expectations of its stakeholders with regard to sourcing, manufacturing and delivery of products and materials. Guidelines and requirements can be in the form of:

• National, state/provincial and local mandatory regulatory requirements (e.g. REACH, RoHS, WEEE, etc.)

• Industry standards (e.g., ASTM)

• Bilateral and multilateral trade agreements

• Internal corporate policy (e.g., supplier code of conduct)

• Contractual obligations

• Customer and non-governmental organization (NGO) expectations.

Critical challenges exist with regard to effectively managing supply chain compliance risk. Such efforts involve close collaboration among functions within an organisation and third-parties, including suppliers, distributors, brokers, and other intermediaries (e.g., freight forwarders). There are a significant number of requirements that must be monitored and adhered to in order to avoid disruptions to the supply chain, potential regulatory scrutiny, and negative impacts to the organisation’s bottom line and reputation. An effective supply chain compliance program enables better control and visibility into the supply chain, allowing for smoother operations and the movement of goods, benefitting the front facing operations team .

Valere Partners - Litigation and Dispute Resolution


Conflict and resolution are two sides of the same coin

We provide litigation support to clients, often working alongside large external legal teams, to design and implement investigation strategies and obtain admissible evidence. We also work directly with law firms to enhance their resources and enable them to provide more cost-effective solutions to their clients. Our investigation team has a detailed understanding of legal frameworks and techniques  that can achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

  • Large firm expertise 

  • Professionalism & ethics 

  • ‘One portal’ mentality – Our intelligence and security practices support our investigative work, as well as our partners who help us determine the real issues in litigation and where to find the evidence.

Valere Partners - Cyber Risk Assessment

Cyber security is one of the primary areas of risk for any organisation. A risk assessment will show how susceptible you are to complex cyber attack techniques, to help you prioritise your weaknesses in the 'red' lowest scoring areas.

Contact us and we’ll give you an outline scope of the issues you are facing. 

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