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Sudan Evacuation

SUDAN: Khartoum National's Evacuation

Valere Partners are currently operating in #khartoum, providing #securityriskadvisory and #intelligence led services to #NGO, #NPO and corporate organisations.

A Large scale evacuation is underway from Khartoum is being co-ordinated by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The operation has been planned to take advantage of an agreed 3-day ceasefire. evacuation, however, we have confirmation that further clashes are being reported across the city.

If you would like to request assistance, please contact us below.

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UKRAINE - Media Support

Getting journalists to the frontline while also trying to keep them safe is what our team do. tThe job in Ukraine is complex and heavy on self supporting logistical plan for the team or indeed smaller groups seeking out frontline stories. The war in Ukraine has become one of the deadliest conflicts for journalists to report: both Russia and Ukraine in conflict in a modern era; the risks both politically and strategically are considerable and the world needs to know about its ongoing progress. Our teams are excellent partners for a team under pressure. They add to the decision making process without interfering in the pursuit of the storyline. Accomplished through years of work in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Ukraine allow our teams to offer expert advice whilst watching your back! 

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MEXICO: TV and Film Production

Our teams deployed in advance of the main body to co-ordinate a logistics and security template for the main production team and support staff to arrive semlessly. In a challenging environment the correct pathway to organisations and their main players were sourced and co-ordinated under strict instructions to enable the background team to interview and assemble the production. Close protection teams were at hand to cover high-net-worth protection back and forth film site venues and the airport, allowing for a swift production to be concluded under a risk averse operating umbrella in one of the worlds most complex secuirty environments.


HNWI Residential Security

We were engaged almost a year ago to provide executive protection for an International client seeking to settle in the United Kingdom. The background was complex allowing for special projects residential security teams to operate at a newly purchased home, supply technical and physical counter measures and establish a counter surveillance network to support the operation. The client remains at risk and is comforted by the appropriate levels of low-level technical and physical protection that is available. 


National's Evacuation

Our Special Projects Crisis Management Team were approached in February 2022 to evacuate a series of Ukraine Nationals from its country, when Russia decided to attack its Eastern flank. The initial gains made by the Russian forces were considerable with the loss of major cities in the eastern Donbas region. The task was extensive, due to the regional spread of the evacuees and the timing necessitated for the extraction. Our team deployed to the region and immediately set up a co-ordination centre to process the personnel who could travel. For those who were isolated, our special projects security team made frequent transits to ensure all staff were able to be processed in Western Kyiv. Upon realisation of all staff and families ready to extract we facilitated a series of security convoy transit to a friendly country, ensuring a smooth transition and further movements to the destination of origin. The operation recovered 257 personnel in total. 


GLOBAL: 5 Threats to UHNWI

5 Threats Ultra High Net Worth Families Face
1. Cybersecurity
2. Physical Safety and Security
3. Safety While Traveling
4. Clandestine approach 
5. Relationships and Happiness

How UHNW Families Can mitigate risk
At Valere Partners, we provide global resources and seasoned expertise to help UHNW families secure and preserve their wealth and legacy. From serving as a trusted security advisor, to guiding and optimising a comprehensive residential security plan, Valere Partners serves as a true partner to UHNW families, helping them foresee and avoid common pitfalls that can be devastating.

To learn more about how we specialise in the reasoned, rational guidance and services that UHNW families need, reach out to us here

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GLOBAL: Spike in Piracy Activities

Maritime Piracy – The current threat…

The threat of maritime piracy has escalated significantly in the past few years. The ‘maritime network’, daily, have a new incident to report about pirates attacking a crew and looting the vessel or hijacking a ship, and even inflicting significant injury to the crew when their ransom demands are not met by the shipping authorities.

We have listed a shortlist of 10 piracy affected areas where the terror and threat of sea pirates have escalated, this is however, sadly not an exhaustive list:

1. Malacca Straits

2. South China Sea

3. Gulf of Aden

4. Gulf of Guinea

5. Benin:

Call our Global Maritime specialists for an initial introduction into our service provision:

6. Nigeria

7. Somalia

8. Indonesia

9. Arabian Sea

10. Indian Ocean


the Money

The insurgency in the Cabo Delgado province of Mozambique has been placed firmly in the international spotlight for the treat to the Mozambique Channel. 

Mozambique’s future economy relies heavily on maintaining a safe offshore domain. For this reason, the government is called to use every opportunity to build the required capacity and partnerships to maintain the rule of law at sea.

However, bringing gas production on line has been severely disrupted because of the insurgency. 

Currently, the port is of significance for the delivery of goods by sea and air for the construction projects under way to develop onshore infrastructure in support of the gas industry. Our Maritime teams ensure safe passage and early warning signs of any potential hostile interface through these waters. Drop our Maritime team a line to discuss your situation. 


High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) lead remarkable lives that require high level protection.

Our security services, cell which include tier 1 close protection teams (Special Projects Cell), residential security teams and support for overseas travellers, are utilised for those customers who demand ‘the very best’ but expect a low key and marginal level of minimal disruption to their daily program.


Valere Partners - UHNWI Close Protection
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