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Valere Partners - Oil and Gas Security


Primary Objectives....


Our Primary function is to offer unique, tried and tested strategic risk mitigation to make the world a safer, more efficient place by imparting our knowledge and experience to our clients’ people and assets to ensure we protect, empower & validate our advantage.


Always Paddle your own Canoe!

We strive to witness a world in which knowledge is imparted to ensure people and assets are safe and secure, enabling a positive return. To achieve this vision, we are a provider of risk management and strategic business solutions throughout the world, establishing ourselves as the trusted commercial partner of corporations, high net-worth private clients and governments agencies worldwide. Our strength is providing conscientious and success-driven turn-key business solutions on a global scale.


Somethings we just don't compromise.....

We stand firmly by our principles at Valeré Partners. Our ethos expresses the strength of our commitment to our clients and the strategic decisiveness of our core competency. Our ethic represents the best of us – proven leaders with a strong resolve to protect what its clients hold dear. Each of our team takes great pride in being part of the Valeré Partners culture and play key kinetic roles in our company’s strategic successes.

  • Our integrity is the overriding passion that drives everything we do, every day, and with everyone with whom we engage. We simply will not compromise on it.

  • We protect and safeguard the trust that our clients place in us to protect their assets and business strategy.

  • We are strategic in mitigating risk and empowering our clients to safely and securely tender and offer diversive growth throughout the world.

  • We gain our clients’ admiration with the quality of our services and the unwavering commitment of our people in establishing solutions.



Our history as a company is relatively brief, however our people have unique and accomplished levels. Valeré Partners was built from the ground up with current Industry expertise, a detailed history of high performing successes and the ability to listen and learn about our client's concern whilst working hard to become a trusted business intelligence and risk mitigation partner. We pride ourselves on being:

  • Innovative — We are a new business and are ambitious and confident about our place within each sector we operate. Our range of innovative solutions lead to significant competitive advantage.

  • Reliability — We deliver what our ask, ahead of schedule and to budget.

  • Responsible — We are committed to evolving and providing the secure framework for our clients’ people and assets as if they were our own.

  • Vigilant — As an integrated competitor, we relentlessly scan the market competition to provide our clients with information they can truly trust to ensure the integrity and business intelligence afforded, can contribute to the strategic growth and diversification of their business plan going forward.

Valere Partners - UHNWI Close Protection

High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) lead remarkable lives that require high level protection.

Our security services, cell which include tier 1 close protection teams (Special Projects Cell), residential security teams and support for overseas travellers, are utilised for those customers who demand ‘the very best’ but expect a low key and marginal level of minimal disruption to their daily program.


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