Valeré Partners is a confidential and expert provider of security services in high-risk environments, remote areas and emerging markets in support of land-based, aviation, maritime and industrial operations. We deliver qualitative, professional services to preserve personnel, infrastructure, valued assets and capital investments. We are recognised for our steadfast ability to successfully operate low profile, high-risk schemes while supplying an exemplary service, our primary objective is to deliver—supporting our customers to ensure business continuity results in executive goals and objectives being progressed.
We have invested considerably in innovation of the quality and safety of our operations to reflect increased standards expected of us by our clients. Our experienced security analysts are ex-forces and senior intelligence, tier 1 experts in counterterrorism, special operations, training, weapons, explosives, security strategy and analysis, medical mitigation and cover developed in high-risk crisis operations. They are accomplished at identifying, mitigating and dealing with a wide variety of security challenges in accordance with local, international and human rights laws. The team on the ground are supported and led by an In-country management team supported by Systems and procedures designed specifically for risk mitigation.  
Our intelligence-led convoy escort teams, private security details and fixed-site security forces are monitored 24/7 by our In-house tracking app used to record real-time locations and movements. Our teams include close protection qualified team advanced trauma medics.



We specialise in the delivery of training and development of specific tracking and profiling operating procedures that incorporates special techniques designed to operate in complex theatre's, providing expert consultancy and a vast array of experience in providing end-to-end mitigation to counter an ever increasing and threat profile. 

The training can be tailored to meet the criteria of our clients, providing a series of milestone learning events that keep the deployed group attuned and able to contribute to any necessary mitigation to successfully counter threats relevant to their situation and allow the progress of the task. 

In developing a pre-deployment skill set, and building an accumulative level of experience, it leads to front-end users asserting a level of control and confidence. Training is developed from initial design to completion and follows a process to simplify programs. The training is based on successes achieved in previous tasks and specific to the stage 1 threat analysis. The byproduct being a form of established set of procedures that affords the group interim exposure to the theatre resulting in a specific approach to competence and contribution,generating a successful outcome:

  • Operating Procedures and Advisory Services

  • Specialist Hostile Environment Training & Advice

  • Maritime Interdiction Training

  • Specialist Training

  • Exploitation Tracking Course

  • Individual Profiling 

  • Combat Tracking 



Valeré Partners is known for its provision of high-threat protective services in complicated theatres. With decades of collective experience serving with the world’s most elite counter-terrorism, national mission units, our specialists are admired for their attention to detail generating excellent levels of performance and professionalism that lead to a successful outcome.

  • Vehicle Convoy escorts,

  • Close Personal Protection & Executive (VIP) Protection

  • Route & Venue assessments and emergency mitigation planning 

  • Surveillance, counter-attack & counter surveillance teams

  • Threat & Risk assessment & Real Time Tracking ability.

  • High Profile Sports Team risk advisory and low profile mitigation

  • Commercial Risk profiling and countermeasure generation for Sports Travel Industry

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Piracy and other ongoing nautical threats made by maritime terrorist organisations offer very real security challenges for many of our maritime customers. From transit risk assessments to Intelligence led processes, Valeré offers a full range of comprehensive maritime security services to assist our customers in managing risk and safeguarding their personnel, critical assets and operations. Well-versed in how to navigate the regulatory standards and intricacies associated with the recovery of maritime assets, we offer compliance assessment programs, simulated penetration testing of offshore facilities and the provision of consultancy services for forms of recovery.

  • Personnel vessels, equipment and and intelligence

  • Protective security management for onshore, offshore and transit requirements

  • ISPS Compliance

  • Full suite of Maritime Asset Recovery services



Valeré's Risk Management's team provides security solutions for airlines and airports in high risk, conflict affected markets. Our strategy focuses on diligent, safe and secure solutions.



In today’s unpredictable, sometimes volatile world, safeguarding personnel, critical infrastructure and intellectual property, both at home and abroad, is paramount. The leading provider of integrated security solutions worldwide, Valeré has a wealth of experience managing protective force operations for governments and multinational corporations. Our critical infrastructure security service-offering comprises a full range of integrated security services to include risk management, customized security program development, physical and technical security program operations, command operations and support, security training and compliance, security program consulting as well as critical incident command and control.
With former military and law enforcement backgrounds, Valeré employs highly-trained specialists who are experts in counterterrorism, special operations, training, weapons, explosives, security strategy and analysis, medical preparedness and high-risk crisis operations. They have developed and implemented comprehensive, field-tested procedures for assessing and reducing risk at numerous sites including Energy facilities, nuclear facilities, oil and mining infrastructure, data centres, corporate sites as well as critical municipal infrastructure and utilities.



Our ability to deliver secure solutions from a fixed site is prided on our application to detail, local knowledge and our ability to interact with indigenous personnel to afford a secure platform for longer term operations to be undertaken. we specialise in:

  • Fixed Site Security

  • Armed and Unarmed Protective services

  • Emergency and Quick Reaction Teams

  • Access, Control and Entry Points

  • Indigenous Guard Force Training

  • On site Security Implementation Training

  • High-Risk Pre-Deployment Training

  • Security Management

  • Reporting lines and guidance on In-theatre Procedures

  • Vehicle Convoy Operations

  • Surveillance operations and counter Surveillance detection

  • Technical Asset Tracking 

  • Communication Planning

  • Personal Security Teams

  • Executive Protection

  • TV & Media H&S Backwatch consultants