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Security is a process, not a product

VALERÉ PARTNERS has been developed as a byproduct of leadership and application to distinct detail that has return some incredible targets and goal successes in a variety of sectors. We offer experts that have excelled in some of this country's most clandestine national mission projects whilst serving in the forces and laterly, high profile commercial risk management and senior project direction roles both in the UK and Overseas, within the national critical infrastructure industry within the commercial market. We are rich in evaluating complex situations in the harshest of environments that have returned significant mark-up performance statistics and dramatically increased shareholder value. We have demonstrated a blended depth of understanding security in the commercial sector with strategic and performance related influence in Commercial, Financial & Operational outputs. Supply chain, tendering and human resources have all benefited from policy and procedural measures that have been implemented with a cost, customer and employee centred approach. 

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Very much an action, not a position

Our Senior Management team have held positions at board level, responsible for the direction of operations to deliver ahead of schedule and on budget. This is coupled with our experience of having a proven record of Identifying and distributing commissioned products, namely business intelligence, risk evaluation & investigative services in support of broader corporate risk analysis and key solution production within national critical infrastructure. We have successfully demonstrated a level of experience that has led 4 multi-disciplined, global organisations to achieve strategic objectives from initial concept to mid and long-term conclusion. Within this level of Departmental Control, we delivered effective, managed returns whilst delivering concerted workloads and deliberate targets, notwithstanding isolated working practices and departmental seclusion. For the last 14 years we have been executive members of Board's of Directors, answerable to the stakeholder community and its shareholders, whilst remaining part of the executive day to day running of the business. In our respective fields, we have made a considerable contribution to performance, governance and footing within a series of high risk professional and security service sectors.

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Three constants in life - change choice & principles

Valeré Partners relies on seven strategic items to continuously improve your leadership teams outlook and ability to drive the model forward: 

1. Management of its Vision

We encourage business leader’s to always be in the correct 'headspace' in order to ensure that your business vision remains 'on-point' and has longevity.  Its very easy to see a filtration of the Vision whilst charting the course of everyday operational performance and mitigating the many risks of employees losing track of the overall objective, is a key item in establishing the parameters for success. All successful business leaders will always ensure that the ship is sailing its true course, particularly when it seems the business has deviated from that course.


2. Positive Management of Morale

A business leader’s position is to motivate morale among the workforce.The sole purpose is to stimulate the employee to want to work hard for the business as there are incentives to aim for. This has the unique purpose of developing what the world looks like for each particular employee. Accurate indicators and true measurement of those indicators with clear communication allows the employee the freedom to operate within set parameters. If this can be a positive experience the likelihood is that the employee strives to improve and thrives in that position. 


3. The Pathway to Diversity 

Whether or not a business embraces diversity depends on the kind of senior management leadership offered. Some embrace diversity, while others simply don’t. This may not always be because of choice but may be because of lack of governance and ultimately, strategic business leadership.

Diversity with regards to employment of women, millennials, and minorities in an organisation should be guided by the management to create an affirmative action towards this. 

Businesses should always have a policy on inclusion, and it is the place of business leaders to champion diversity throughout. The issue of diversity also needs to be addressed in the board of directors’ level. Whilst Diversity should always be on the strategic agenda, Senior managers should never shy away from making the correct call for the business. 

This then ensures that the business does not only have diversity at the employee level and at the leadership level but it isn't afraid to make the big calls when needed. 


4. Strategic Change Management

Once your management team has decided on a new strategic direction, your leadership must be decisive and clear in communicating this through the best possible means. Internal memos, emails or preferably face to face staff meetings provide the opportunity to do so.

This ensures that the change is communicated from a point of authority and diffuses any doubt of whether it is true or not.

It should be planned and structured to help the employees to better deal with the changes that may come with the adopted strategic directions. The business leader is held by employees as a unifying figure and receiving of such communication from their leader offers the ability to sort reassurance, whilst questioning some of their concerns. Do not shy away from this, its an important phase of the management focus shift.


5. Ensuring the Employees are Motivated

It is one of your key duties as a business leader to motivate the employees, both strategically and otherwise. This is in line with giving credit where it is due. If an employee has done very well and they need to be rewarded, organisational leadership needs to follow up. This helps to increase motivation within the company. Application to this process is so often diluted and results in any goodwill built up being diminished over time. The net effect is a loss of motivation and a lack of desire to offer a finished product. 

6. Continuous Learning

Any good business leader will go out of their way to ensure that their employees learn more. The more the employees learn, the better they deliver, and the better people they become.

It may mean better remuneration, promotion for the employees. An important message being if they do not they get opportunities within, they may quickly become disillusioned and take their eye off the prize or seek opportunities elsewhere. 

It is in your interest to ensure that your employees have many continuous learning opportunities in order to improve not only with productivity and delivery, but also in becoming key members of staff. 


7. Collective Identity

It is every employee’s aspiration to align with their company, especially if they are satisfied and they like their job role and working environment. If you, as business leaders, provide all the above, then you must coach a collective culture within your organisation.

This happens if a businesses employees share common interests and experiences. To take it further, you should include an organisational culture that is characteristic of your integrity to encourage development. Every employee thrives when realistic targets are set, give them that opportunity; allow them to champion their outputs and seek reward for it. Let them show they have leadership traits that offers value to you and the wider business. 

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Managing expertise whilst allowing output

At Valeré Partners, we are very fortunate to work with a number of highly experienced business leaders and Coaches throughout our previous journey within the Special Forces and the wider Senior risk management commercial community. To that end when required, we can rely on their industry specific expertise to support in the tasks we are presented, particularly Product Value Creation. We have specific partners who bring expertise in Strategic Financial planning, Operational Innovation, Marketing, HR, Regulatory, leading in Power & Risk management sectors, Oil & Gas, Logistics, Senior management Coaching, Operation output evaluation, Business mentoring, Supply chain development, people management and much more.
We are not, however, commercially positioning Valeré Partners as a business with a significant number of partners etc. to create the impression of a large managerial service offering. It would though, be remiss of us not to mention the subject matter experts we have to support us, as and when required.

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