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Valeré Partners has an integrated specialist risk consultancy that helps to construct safe, amenable and resistant organisations in an environment of fluctuating risk. We work across disciplines, technologies and geographies, whereby everything we do is based on our conviction that risk taking is an essential part of our clients’ decision-making process.
We specialise in providing insight to focus its means and safeguard any mitigation to resolve problems and emergencies that occur in any motivated international organisation.
We pride ourselves in our approach and go beyond problem-solving to afford our clients the awareness and intellect they need to realise growth prospects. From the boardroom to the remotest location, we have a unique history of constructing an incomparable ability to bring direction to disorder and comfort to concern.

Valere Partners - Global Responses Team


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  • Our Global Response team specialise in operational risk prevention and crisis response in highly complex and volatile security environments. Our staff are highly trained to provide tailored-to-fit solutions for governments and private sector companies based on specific individual needs and often provide bespoke solution through our Special Projects cell in support to organisations abroad.

  • Our operators come from various tier-one military, government scurity servoces and law enforcement organisations and maintain a high level of proficiency in global security operations in high-risk locations. 

  • Our team are well versed in consulting to organisations on best practice to prevent risk.  Our provisional assessments will identify procedural gaps and look to enhance Duty of Care compliance standards. Implementation of recommended strategies, including intelligence monitoring and field mitigation solutions provide necessary risk prevention support to international organisations.

  • A comprehensive crisis response program allows deployed teams to assess security emergencies in real-time and provide critical on-the-ground intervention during incidents such as civil unrest, terrorism, military action, kidnap for ransom and extortion, acts of piracy, aggressive behaviour and crises caused from natural occurrences. 


Valeré operators have repatriated multinationals who needed emergency support while overseas. Our team has safeguarded critical infrastructure and assets in war zones, and provided safe passage for countless employees seeking to extract whilst working abroad. 

Special Projects
Valere Partners Special Projects


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Business Card Template (2).png
  • Our Special Projects Cell (SPC) offers consultancy, contingency planning, crisis response services and training to clients either actually or potentially at risk from criminals and terrorists. The consultancy operates worldwide and has particular expertise in the field of short notice, one-off special projects requiring an all-encompassing approach and solution, which we can manage from start to finish. 

  • The company has established itself as a discreet, professional and ethical organisation with a reputation in the marketplace for work of the highest quality. Valeré's SPC has provided clients with services ranging from the tasking of single operatives to carry out surveillance on industrial sites in receivership in the UK to the deployment of large teams to high-risk environments overseas. SPC is also able to provide crisis management support to its clients and has direct access to one of the worlds most experienced K&R teams. 

  • SPC has the capability of mounting, at relatively short notice, a sizeable operation to secure, protect, and, in certain circumstances, recover high value capital assets overseas (both on and offshore) in response to an increase in the local threat. This implies the recruitment of a substantial number of suitably trained personnel who are prepared to work in a high-risk environment. We maintain a successful track record in this field and have established itself as a solution provider in extreme situations.

Technical Support
Valere Partners - Technical Support


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  • Covert and overt surveillance, access and egress control, perimeter detection and integrated systems

  • Risk analysis and site survey ensures full compliance with the relevant laws and regulations

  • Service includes system reviews, audits, design, project management, installation, commissioning and maintenance services

  • Continual monitoring of latest technology ensures client systems are at the forefront of technical security

  • Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM) services available for clients concerned about potential eavesdropping on sensitive conversations or meetings

Cyber Security
Valere Partners - Cyber Security Cell


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Cyber security services are specialised engagements designed to enable organisations to manage and mitigate the risk and impact of cyberattacks. Kroll’s cyber security services are designed to help organisations protect, detect and respond. The right mix of cyber security services, including advisory services, proactive assessments, managed detection and response, incident response and breach notification, ensures that organisations are able to defend against threats on endpoints, across the surface web and throughout the deep and dark web.


  • Security system procurement and implementation can be overwhelming responsibilities. Our Cyber Security team understands. Our systems experts and security specialists will ensure the systems you choose not only meet the functional and technical requirements, but also are installed on time and within budget and represent the best value for you.

  • During system procurement, our specialists will assist you by pre-qualifying bidders, conducting pre-bid conferences, answering bidders’ questions, evaluating bids and negotiating contracts.

  • When you move into the construction stage, our specialists ensure that systems are installed as per contract documents to the highest industry standards by providing programme & project management and coordination between the client, project team and security integrator. We review prefabrication submittals, monitor the installation progress, respond to RFI's, perform system acceptance testing and commissioning, review O&M and as-built documentation.

TV & Film
Valere Partners - Fim and TV Production


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TV and film production security and logistics are essential aspects of the entertainment industry. In order to ensure the safety and privacy of cast, crew, and equipment, security measures must be put in place. This includes hiring security personnel, creating secure shooting locations, and protecting sensitive information. In addition to security, logistics are critical for successful TV and film production. This involves organising transportation, accommodations, catering, and other necessary services for the cast and crew. Effective logistics planning helps to ensure that production runs smoothly, on time, and within budget. Overall, TV and film production security and logistics are essential elements that are crucial to the success of any production.

TV and film production security involves a range of elements that are designed to keep the cast, crew, and equipment safe and secure during the production process. Some of the key elements of TV and film production security include:

  • Location Security: Securing the shooting location is essential to prevent unauthorised access and ensure the safety of everyone on set.

  • Crowd Control: Ensuring the safety of the cast and crew while managing the flow of onlookers, fans, and paparazzi is critical for a successful production.

  • Access Control: Limiting access to production areas to authorised personnel only is essential to maintaining the privacy and security of the production.

  • Cybersecurity: Protecting sensitive production data from cyber-attacks and hacks is critical for the confidentiality of the production.

  • Asset Protection: Protecting the equipment, costumes, props, and other production assets from theft or damage is necessary to keep the production running smoothly.

  • Emergency Response: Preparing for potential emergencies and having an effective emergency response plan in place is crucial to the safety of everyone on set.

Valere Partners - Overwatch


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  • At our Overwatch department, we know that the smallest detail can make a huge difference when it comes to concierge, reception duty and static security officers and it is this level of detail that allows our experienced team to offer every client unprecedented levels of customer services and satisfaction.

  • From providing staff for welcoming concierge and reception duties to offering on-site security officers,  we ensure that its trained team of staff offers a professional, friendly and attentive service as soon as any visitors enter your site, whatever the line of business.

  • It is our proven, reliable, efficient and reassuring approach that ensures every visit is remembered for all the right reason.  No matter the size of your business, your location or your sector, our professional staff will uphold your company values at all times, giving you valuable peace of mind.

  • All our concierge, reception and static security staff receive thorough site specific training and are capable of dealing with every eventuality in an efficient and courteous manner, whether that be fire marshalling, conflict management or administering first aid on site. We tailor this to the needs of each client and the size and location of each individual operation, so rest assured we can not only meet, but exceed your requirements.

  • From concierge services to fixed-place security services, we’ve successfully worked with everyone from industrial and manufacturing companies to IT providers and hospitals, providing them with the reliable and trustworthy staff that complement their business.

  • So don’t hesitate and contact the Overwatch team today to discuss your concierge, receptionist and static security officer needs.  


Our HNWI Cell  is one of the primary Close protection organisations in the UK. We offer high end teams capable of performing under any circumstance. Exemplary performance from an exemplary team that sit at the peak of our Close Protection Offering.

Valere Partners - UHNWI Close Protection
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