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SUDAN - Khartoum Evacuation Order

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Valeré Partners are currently operating in #khartoum, providing #securityriskadvisory and #intelligence led services to #NGO, #NPO and corporate organisations.

We recommend abiding by your crisis management plan and being available for call up as the UK seeks to evacuate UK nationals in a 2nd phase operation. A ceasefire has been agreed and in line with FCO advice, we encourage you to make your way to the airfield for further processing.

A Large scale evacuation is underway from Khartoum is being co-ordinated by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and you should respond promptly and without delay.

The operation has been planned to take advantage of an agreed 3-day ceasefire. evacuation, however, we have confirmation that further clashes are being reported across the city.

If you would like to request assistance, please contact us on the link below.

1. Fighting has continued between the Gov’t of Sudan Armed Forces (GoS) & Rapid Support Forces (RSF). The overall security situation continues to remain volatile in Khartoum (KRT), and in some other parts of the country.

2. The fighting has again been centred around the western side of the airport & military installations & camps & other strategic targets across the capital.

3. Widespread clashes, often serious, also continue across the leading suburbs of Khartoum, such as Amarat, Riyadh, Garden City, Khartoum 2 & Khartoum North, amongst others.

4. The RSF are now present in the aforementioned suburbs of KRT & elsewhere and are desperate with little in the way of resupply & logistics.

5. The RSF could become more desperate and violent in their dealings with innocent civilians.

6. Some hospitals have been affected by the fighting and by shortages of staff & equipment. To their credit, they are doing the best they can.

7. KIA remains currently has a ceasefire agreement to evacuate British nationals. Its been well documented that the transit through Khartoum to KIA is fraught with danger.

8. Several areas in KRT are without electricity and consequently mobile and internet connection. The current situation could last for several more weeks.

If you would like to request assistance, please contact us on the link below.

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