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UHNWI - Threat Appraisal

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

5 Threats Ultra High Net Worth Families Face

With significant wealth comes a multitude of complex issues, particularly when investors are seeking to protect and provide for their family. Ultra-High Net Worth investors have an entirely unique set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to their portfolio, and to the heritage they hope to leave behind.

Learn the most common threats UHNW families are vulnerable to in 2023 and how they can protect their wealth.

1. Cybersecurity

Because of the complexity of the various financial institutions, law firms, real estate, and other business entities involved in a UHNW family’s investment strategy, they often have a larger amount of critical and confidential information online.

2. Physical Safety and Security

Sadly, UHNW families can be targets both at home and while traveling for theft, and physical safety, even with staff they have come to trust and rely on. UHNW families may vet a new employee, but often do not continue to enact ongoing reviews or monitor employees once that person has been hired – and someone can easily be compromised in the weeks or years after they begin working at their home.

3. Safety While Traveling

UHNW families have the enviable opportunity to engage in frequent and exotic travel, both domestically and abroad.

4. Clandestine approach

UHNW parents can be concerned about their children’s ability to handle the legacy of wealth they will inherit, as well as about jealousy or conflict with other family members and close friends. This can cause them to become highly secretive, and, in some ways, this is a good instinct.

5. Relationships and Happiness

Possibly the saddest item on this list is the fact that their extraordinary wealth can make life isolating and lonely for UHNW families, and the feeling of risk and fear of theft, extortion, physical attack and hacking can understandably add to this feeling.

How UHNW Families Can mitigate risk

At Valere Partners, we provide global resources and seasoned expertise to help UHNW families secure and preserve their wealth and legacy. From serving as a trusted security advisor, to guiding and optimising a comprehensive residential security plans, Valere Partners serves as a true partner to UHNW families, helping them and their Wealth management advisors foresee and avoid common pitfalls that can be devastating.

To learn more about how we specialise in the reasoned, rational guidance and services that UHNW families need, reach out to us here.

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