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UKRAINE - Kyiv Evacuation Order

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Our Special Projects Crisis Management Team were approached in February 2022 to evacuate a series of Ukraine Nationals from its country, when Russia decided to attack its Eastern flank.

The initial gains made by the Russian forces were considerable with the loss of major cities in the eastern Donbas region. The task was extensive, due to the regional spread of the evacuees and the timing necessitated for the extraction.

Our team deployed to the region and immediately set up a co-ordination centre to process the personnel who could travel. For those who were isolated, our special projects security team made frequent transits to ensure all staff were able to be processed in Western Kyiv.

Upon realisation of all staff and families ready to extract we facilitated a series of security convoy transit to a friendly country, ensuring a smooth transition and further movements to the destination of origin.

The operation evacuated 257 personnel in total.

Contact our Special Projects Team who specialise in hostile evacuations

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