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Valeré Partners has an integrated specialist risk consultancy that helps to construct safe, amenable and resistant organisations in an environment of fluctuating risk. We work across disciplines, technologies and geographies, whereby everything we do is based on our conviction that risk taking is an essential part of our clients’ decision-making process.
We specialise in providing insight to focus its means and safeguard any mitigation to resolve problems and emergencies that occur in any motivated international organisation.
We pride ourselves in our approach and go beyond problem-solving to afford our clients the awareness and intellect they need to realise growth prospects. From the boardroom to the remotest location, we have a unique history of constructing an incomparable ability to bring direction to disorder and comfort to concern.

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Evacuation and repatriation

Valeré Partners Risk Consulting supports its clients when in need of estimation and comprehending any risks they and their organisations may encounter, acting to mitigate risk where probable, and developing a suite of tools to wholly prepare clients to react positively to an emergency as and when it should occur.
We are trusted in our delivery of security advice, risk mitigation approaches, secure support and a series of integrated and innovative solutions for strategic clients or those working in intricate or complex situations.



Specialists in Complex Environments

Valeré Partners is a confidential and expert provider of security services in high-risk environments, remote areas and emerging markets in support of land-based, aviation, maritime and cyber operations. We deliver qualitative, professional services to preserve personnel, infrastructure, valued assets and capital investments. Recognised for our unique ability to successfully operate low level, high intensity programs while supplying consummate customer service, our objective is to expedite client tasks—supporting our customers to ensure business continuity results in executive objectives being delivered.
We have invested considerably in the quality and safety of our operations to reflect the standards expected of us by our customers. Our trained, protective security consultants are tier 1 experts in counterterrorism, special operations, training, weapons, explosives, security strategy and analysis, medical preparedness and high-risk crisis operations. They are accomplished at identifying, preventing and reacting to a wide variety of security challenges in accordance with local, international and human rights laws, and are governed by dedicated country management teams and in-house quality management systems.

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Specialists in Onshore and Offshore 

Organisations today face unprecedented levels of operational and security risk, from cyber-attacks to regulatory uncertainty, supply-chain disruptions and criminal activity.


By helping them become more resilient, we prepare our clients for the risks of today and tomorrow. We enable our clients to develop resilience to business risk by providing:


  • Active intelligence gathering, analysis and detailed research, using the latest techniques

  • World class risk advisory and mitigation services

  • Outstanding crisis management and response capability

  • Expert advice on risk management technologies.

  • Specialist training and capacity building programmes

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