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Intelligence led unobtrusive security consultancy

Physical, cyber and personnel security generally remain separate in many organisations. Our methodology enables you to get a better understanding of overall organisational risk by applying Integrated governance with risk management across all assets. In combination with our security and risk management expertise, this approach ensures better protection for assets, staff and information; your crown jewel business metrics.
Our services incorporate all aspects from planning and concept design, to security strategies, a full design capability and implementation support and assurance. Our aim is to provide a fully integrated end to end solution that is both innovative and robust in its approach to emerging and current threat.
Our approach ensures that our security consultants are a natural choice to help clients plan, design and enable a safe and secure environment for their business today, tomorrow and into the future.
Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and what our team can do for you.

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Intelligence led unobtrusive security consultancy

Valeré Partners have over 35 years experience in this area and has helped many clients through establishing new programs, internal organisational restructuring, project turnaround, significant/accelerated growth and appropriate restructuring. Our goal is to ensure your internal security function is appropriately manned, resourced and strategically poised to ensure a culture that is safe and secure for the conduct of a pro-growth business.

Valeré’s executive-level leaders tailor security programs to our clients’ needs, underlying cultures, strategic organisational priorities, goals and objectives. Developing a fully integrated program is a precise balance and we know there is no “set template” solution. We work in conjunction with your management, understand how you operate, review your growth planning clients demands when needed and offer expert opinion on the well-being of your program, innovative appetite, work and your personnel as independent support.

We work with some of the most diverse FTSE 100 companies, small and medium sized businesses with appropriate appetite, legal players, non-government organisations, TV & Media and  global insurers to highlight but a few. We specialise in developing diversity growth areas for new areas of operation and seek to develop long term support networks to guide throughout the course of the project.

  • Security department resourcing and skills review.

  • Security function review. 

  • Security department review 

  • Vendor-based solution planning 

  • Vulnerability & threat vectoring 

  • Executive protection programming 

  • Insider threat programing  

  • Threat management programming 

  • Business continuity programming and assessment

  • Emergency preparedness and emergency action planning program(s) functionability  leadership?

  • End-to-end project direction, deployed management and secure protocol establishment.

Valeré Partner's has the expertise and experience to provide valuable insight, impartial analysis and be the go-to for independent assessment, regardless of the current state of your security program. Many eyes are better than one!

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Intelligence led unobtrusive security consultancy

Our strategic approach addresses the security detail from every angle to mitigate risk and vulnerability. 

Our comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessments are essential for you to operate within a secure organisation. 

We advocate efficient security strategies start with a precise knowledge of your risks and shortcomings. We can help you analyse your strengths and weaknesses in every scenario, from asset and site security to executive protection. We bring decades of experience to our work and our team of security industry leading experts help you identify real time threats

Regardless of any current internal risk identification we apply a template whereby we look at:

  • Current risk exposure and any historical security incidents to identify potential trend vulnerabilities not identified

  • Screen current key individuals for critical insights and information about situations, policies and procedures

  • Establish a gap analysis to isolate and treat areas of concern, inclusive of industry best practice measures.

  • Develop Solutions and produce guidance to implement corrective measures.

We benchmark your appetite and commercial positioning as an organisation against physical security risks, like terrorism, workplace violence, competitor espionage and data theft

At Valeré we specialise in infrastructure, data and physical and corporate security services.

This expertise enables our team to establish the onset of any particular threat, prioritise your mitigating actions, recommend appropriate security and work with your team to implement the appropriate solutions.

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To evaluate internal controls, governance & accounts

We have the defined skill-sets to highlight your weaknesses and security gaps that may exist throughout your organisation. We are passionate about addressing non-compliance metrics to establish an defined security program.
Our security audit is designed to assesses how effectively your organisation’s policies are being delivered, applied and measured for performance. Our audits demonstrate where non-conformance exist in your current security systems and procedures.
With over 30 years of experience, we have seen countless reasons for noncompliance with existing security procedures.  
We have the industry specific resources to uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout your organisation and identify current noncompliance issues. We are simply not here to identify the problems, we need to help you establish a balanced and efficient security risk management program that allows measurement at all levels and an increase in performance outputs. This exercise can be especially beneficial after an acquisition for streamlining policies and procedures relating to operational output.
Our security audits can also be important in internal investigations when irregularities are discovered, or negligence is suspected. We are acutely aware that any of our findings must stand up in a court of law.

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Planning, development,
review & implementation 

We can develop security policies tailored to the precise risks you are faced with—all within the framework of laws and regulations of each country you operate within.

Given the complexity of most large organisations, developing effective security programs can be an overwhelming job. As a significant practitioner in physical and corporate security, we can support you to generate effective integrated security policies and procedures that close the areas of concern that might otherwise expose your organisation to a more significant risk.

A tailored and robust security program must cover many criteria and clearly define the roles, responsibilities and expectations for everyone in and supporting your organisation—from the security department to management and employees as well as the supply chain and business continuity partners. Taking a managed approach, we can review your current security policies to ensure they cover your current risks and vulnerabilities.


Security Policy Development Best Practices and Customised Applications

If you find your current policies are unsatisfactory or unproductive we can develop  a strategy to the precise risk you face—all within the legal governance and regulations of each country in which you operate. Depending on your scope, we can assist with either comprehensive security programs or individual components, such as access control, pre-employment background checks, workplace violence prevention or executive protection.

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Designed to prepare you for travel to and working in complex  situations  

Valeré Partners has extensive experience providing security training scoped to each client’s need, whether they’re brief one-day introductory sessions, “refresher” programs or multiple day scenarios.

Our training meets the challenges of specific business units. We work with management teams to understand their needs and what training they need, then customise our delivery to the staff, facility and perceived risk. It’s our goal to be able to deliver a package to our clients and mitigate risk through security training. Some of the areas of concentration are as follows:



Travel Security Training

Valeré Partner’s training programs will educate your organisation to protect professionals traveling the globe and detect the warning signs of an incident before it occurs, based on a rich understanding of the information that is accessible in each country, its relative accuracy and reliability and the frequently delicate balance between politics and business.

We can provide scalable travel security training sessions for as many as 30 people or for a small team of senior executives in any location. We can deliver the course in any office environment, in several countries and languages utilising the following assets:

  • Detailed presentations to your security professionals, which can be shared and passed on through your organisation

  • Open discussions forums with the employees responsible for travel security implementation and monitoring

  • Easy-to-implement introduction to company travel policy and procedures

  • Table-top and scenario-based learning to build the confidence of your team

Crisis Management Training

Whether it’s physical, operational or reputational risk, businesses must adapt and remain resilient throughout disruptive changes on any scale. Valeré Partner's assists with the preparation of a crisis management plan through practical, tailor-made training and exercises, designed to highlight areas of difficulty in the team or its plans, as well as personal and team-focused skills for those responsible for crisis management. The training and exercises ensure that when under the pressure of a real crisis, the team can be as effective and successful as possible.


Crisis management training and exercises can include:

  • Review and discussion of crisis and incident plans, responsibilities and channels of communication

  • Scenario exercises to build crisis decision-making capabilities

  • Training in crisis communication and live exercises with experienced operatives to build crisis communication skills

  • Table-top and semi-live exercises to test and build a crisis team’s preparedness

  • Feedback and recommendations regarding the organisation’s crisis management plans, structure and teams


General Security and Safety Training

We provide training to new and existing security leaders that are tailored to their expertise, the threats and risks their organisation or facility faces and the needs and circumstances of the organisation. The training is typically preceded by a review of the operation in question, an analysis of organisational threats, and interviews with security professionals and operational management.

Valeré’s security manager training can include the following components:

  • Basic threat and risk analysis

  • Risk management and mitigation strategies

  • Preparation and implementation of security strategies

  • Basics of security methodologies and references for further study

  • Specific skills relevant to the trainees. This may include:

    • Basics of procurement and contracting of services

    • Incident response and crisis management

    • First Aid and Trauma risk management

    • Communication skills

    • Defensive driving

    • Hostile environment training

    • Selection, training and supervision of security personnel

    • Methods of security intelligence gathering and preparation

    • Interaction with local authorities

  • Detecting hostile or suspicious activity in the workplace

  • Implementation and training of Emergency Response Planning 

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration required safety and health standards training

  • Chemical biological and radiological hazards and awareness training

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