Our team of risk analysts provide insight and intelligence into the threats that our clients face. By understanding the threat we can use our expertise, global resources and intelligence to work with our clients to develop a solution which matches their exact requirements. With the aim of not only protecting people and assets but improving business efficiency.

We work with some of the world’s leading security consultants with expertise in Trading environments, Aviation, High-Risk Environments, Construction, Major Events, Critical National Infrastructure & Counter-Terrorism. 

Valeré Partners provide a wide-ranging set of valuation, planning and training services that can be tailored to meet the security requirements of any organisation. We provide thorough risk assessments to identify physical and operational liabilities, and then develop cohesive security programs with detailed contingency plans. Our specialists place strategic emphasis on helping to moderate risk from a total perspective—analysing security situations from all perspectives. Additionally, we offer endless valuation, adapted training and work meticulously with our customers to allocate appropriate and measured security resources to meet the threat level.

  • Security Audits and Evaluations

  • Security vulnerability Analysis

  • Operational Security planning

  • Security Program implementation

  • Evaluation and Testing

  • Advisory Threat Analysis

  • Black Ops Operations